Illustration Gallery

 "The Lion and Lamb"     White grease pencil on black paper

      "The brothers"      Etching & Copper Engraving

Moonlight shadow
                                                                    Pen drawing & Digital media

                                                                       "Selfie"       Monoprint

                                                                "Swing Dancers"    Drawing

The Czech Republic, heart of Europe
  Drawing & Digital Media

Book cover for Jana   
Drawing & Photo editing

                                                             "L' Olandese Volante"      Mezzotint

 "City Cats"     Drawing & Digital Media



"King Albert"    Copper Engraving

"Gently down the storm"     Drawing

                                                             "Vers la Grand-Place"      Drawing

The World Line
                                                                     Wood Engraving & Photo                     

                                                                  Logo for "The Wood Engraver"
 Wood Engraving & Photo / Drevoryt