Wood Engraving after the affresco "Papa Loene Magno ferma Attila" Raffaello - Stanza di Eliodoro, Palazzo Vaticano.

Spoon Hand-printed wood engraving

"Let the Wood be Your Guide" is displayed at the
76th Annual Exhibition of The Society of Wood Engravers 




Jacob de Gheyn II (1565-1629) Prancing horse

My interpretation adapted to the woodblock's shape

Anonymous Drawing 

Stanza di Eliodoro nel Vaticano. Incontro di Leone Magno e Attila

                                                     Always remember to sharpen the burin before
                                                                  starting the engraving work

The drawing is always transferred in reverse

I use a  very hard sharp pencil to transfer the drawing 
on the woodblock and not a pen because this
could leave light scratches on its surface 

In this way I avoid to have a second layer of Carbon paper
 between the photocopy and the woodblock and 
I obtain thinner and more discernable lines

I use typography ink which dries very fast 
and remains well fixed on the wood block

                                                                   Hard end-grain boxwood