Commissioning ExLibris/Bookplates, Custom Wood Stamps

                                                            Bookplate/stamp for Ingrid Weverbergh

Slivovice Stamp


Think about the person whom the bookplate is for; designs can be simple or elaborate and can incorporate coats of arms, pets, houses, hobbies. Feel free to attach images to your email. Once my sketches have been approved by you, work can proceed.
When you contact me initially I will answer all the questions you might have regarding:
Time needed to complete the work, How to paste your plates into all of your books, Materials...


The price of the engraved blocks for an ex libris or stamp can vary between 400 to 600 euro, depending on the size of the block and complexity of the engraving.
The Printing work is done by a letterpress studio and will be added on the price of the engraved block.
Shipping costs are included*.

Feel free to write me with your requirements.You can write me in English, Italian, Dutch, French and Czech language.

*Shipping worldwide with standard international delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, DHL.

Example artistic commission:

Mr. Vermeire,

I would like to have an ex libris stamp made for my girlfriend's birthday.  
We are both historians and, as such, I'd like to have as many of the following motifs included as possible:

  •  The words "Ex Libris"
  •  Her initials: "E. G. "
  •  A gothic summer house/estate or whatever variation you feel looks best (she specializes in medieval architecture)
  •  A kangaroo (she is Australian)
  •  A maple bonsai tree (the treasure of our garden).

The layout and general design I'd leave to you as the artist however I would like to limit the size to a stamp that fits nicely on both A5 and A4 sized book pages. Exact dimensions, though, are up to you.
I would like to start with an edition of 100 prints. I know a Letterpress studio where I can always refer for making a wider edition.

Can you please tell me whether you are interested in taking on this commission and, if so, how much the job will cost?

The stamp would be shipped to Dublin, Ireland.

Thank you, in advance.  
Best regards,

G////////  V///////


                                                                      EX LIBRIS / COAT OF ARMS


EX LIBRIS for Dima and Kira 

                                                               Click to see the printing process
                                                               Block printing using a motorized platen press   0:25


                                                Bookplate/stamp for Franco Staffolani

                                                            Bookplate for Frans Denissen              

                                                          Stamp for Valerie, recto/ verso

   Engraved calling card printed on letterpress


                                              Wood Engraved Stamp for Jane Bom-Bane

                                      Inspired by the copper engraving of Claude Mellan, "Face of Christ"  1649

                                                        height: 428.000  X  315.000 mm width

                                                                 diameter block 4,6 cm

transferring the image